the thursday thirty, issue two.

my last 30 purchases, in no particular order:

  • wild honeysuckle lotion @ bath & body works
  • sweet pea shampoo & conditioner @ bath & body works [hey, there was a good sale.]
  • scrumptious lunch @ katy's pantry
  • gas, gas, and more gas
  • a venti shaken iced tea with two splenda @ starbucks
  • an iron
  • an ironing board [i am so my mother's daughter.]
  • textbooks [i sobbed when i bought these, believe me.]
  • cookbooks [!!!]
  • build-a-bear gift certificates for my sweet nieces
  • a chalupa @ taco bell [eek!]
  • make-up
  • frosted mini wheats [yum!]
  • milk
  • a belt to hold these pants up, yo
  • a cute basket to hold magazines for our suite bathroom
  • kyle & katie's wedding gift [no one can have too many casserole dishes.]
  • a bow to adorn said wedding gift
  • postage for sebastien's book order [i love that boy.]
  • a black ink cartridge
  • red diamond tea [!!!]
  • bread
  • mad church disease by anne jackson [can't wait to read this.]
  • a braum's burger [eek again!]
  • a haircut
  • nutri-grain bars
  • stamps
  • sushi from sum wo in edmond [yessss.]
  • thai chicken pasta @ zio's [yessss again.]
  • socks [who can have too many?]

any of these purchases look familiar? what would your list look like?


Jeff Goins said...

gosh, i can't remember my last THREE purchases. let me know what you think of MCD.

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